Sunday, December 14, 2008

To Cut, Or Not To Cut...That Is The Question (at least for most of my friends)

To all my 40+ girlies out there (you know who you are!) contemplating needles & knives to delay the inevitable aging process... DON'T DO IT!!!

I think any man, or woman, would agree that good health (gotta keep strong, energetic, limber) and confidence are far more sexy than having a smooth, non-expressive forehead! (And if he is that shallow__ move on sister!)

Having had 2 of the 3 forms of skin cancer in 1/2 dozen spots (3 of which were on my face!) and one that required major surgery - I am a daily wearer of sunscreen, 365 days a year. Spending my teens, growing up on the water...every sunny day was spent in a bathing suit in the sun. I am paying the price now. You would be surprised how many women I know in their 40's & 50's who still TAN! Some even go to tanning booths with their teenage daughters!

I think having daughters makes this subject of 'fixing' oneself more difficult...and the best thing you can teach them, besides taking good care of their mind & their heath, is self-love and acceptance. If they see us being self-critical, worrying about a few pounds/wrinkles/cellulite/stretch marks/etc...they will grow up with that need to be 'perfect' like mommy. I just believe the power lies with us, our generation of self confident women, to make it OK to have pale skin, tiny lips, a big nose, some smile lines, and a dimpled ass - whatever it is that makes us all unique. (BTW: Take a good look at some women, and a few men, in a certain age bracket from a particullar west coast city,...THEY are all beginning to look the same??? Scary!)

I am usually not one to judge - I just think you all are perfect the way you are. At our age we need to focus on what really matters from the inside out. I won't even mention the health/safety risks, or costs! Spend that $$ on a 2nd honeymoon or hot vacation with your significant other - definitely more sexy!

Don't worry about a few lines, some sagging skin, a little cellulite, and stretch marks... they all tell a tale - of nursing babies and pregnancies, incredible vacations in the tropics, staying up with sick children, worrying about a loved one, and waaay too many late night parties! We worked hard for them.

We should embrace it all and learn to grow old GRACEFULLY.

Well, maybe not gracefully...

(I have earned these lines and I don't plan on erasing them.)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Love At First...Bite?

Having not read the Twilight book series by Stephenie Meyer, but having a girlfriend and daughter who were clearly (and unashamedly ?) obsessed by this teeny-bopper phenomenon__ I went to the midnight premiere of Twilight to see what all the hype (HYSTERIA!) was about.

No matter what your take on the books or the movie was – one thing I think we all can agree on…Vampires are hot! There is nothing like the story of forbidden love: the building of sexual tension, the temptation of giving in to one’s greatest desires, the thought of being taken into total submission… I am getting al worked up just typing about it!

There is a price to be paid for such pleasure (no, I don’t mean the $9.75 ticket price), but the ultimate price…your mortality, your total being. (Hey, don’t most women risk it all for love anyway?)

In reality, the thought of someone loving us so completely that he will forgo his every instinct and be completely satisfied with just lying by our side and watching us sleep___ come on!

Friday, October 10, 2008


The crazy-funny but thought provoking documentary starring Bill Maher was just the fix I needed. Growing up an ever-questioning, somewhat rebellious Catholic myself - this film was worth every penny the Rotunda charged me. I actually wish it had been more anti-religious and more controversial, like Maher tends to be on his HBO's Real Time show. The film basically stated the obvious, that all religion is man-made and that no one really KNOWS what is out there/up there.

In this age of global 'crusades' for holy land and the name of one god or another...we should all take a few steps back to question how much of what we believe in is based on oppression, hatred, exclusion, ignorance and greed. ?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fells Point Fun Fest...No Longer a Fan!

Big (disappointing!) changes since I was last here.

I know many years ago, the city of Baltimore stopped allowing free-flow street drinking within the festival boundaries…But why, I do not know.

This new ‘beer garden’ concept does not work – at least not for the families and responsible adults that patronize the businesses and vendors this particular weekend. In the beginning, the beer garden along Broadway, just outside the pubs, amongst the vendors, wasn’t so bad. But now, the beer garden is 4 blocks from the heart of the Festival, with no shade, on a stone parking lot, and not exactly a ‘family welcoming’ environment.

(This is what the festival should be all about...supporting local musicians & artists! How can we see these guys if we are 4 blocks away playing beer pong/flip cup in the garden?)

To make matters worse, when I decided to grab a pit beef sandwich for me & my boys from a vendor @ Broadway & Thames, I also decided that a great Clipper City draft would compliment the food quite well. Unfortunately I had to leave my sandwich and boys outside with Mr Festival as I fought my way thru the incredibly concentrated crowd in and around the bar…(FYI: back in the ‘olden days’, this wasn’t the case as there would have been beer vendors throughout the festival or you could pop in/out of pubs, grab a beer & continue on about the festivities)..23 minutes later I emerge back outside and was forced to sit – with my children, instead of along the water’s edge as planned – I had to sit on a street curb, just outside Shuckers Pub, amongst the drunken crowd within a little imaginary boundary that the bouncer would permit. We were treated like a caged animal and yelled at when I proceeded to leave to find a recycling bin for my EMPTY plastic beer cup.

I understand pub owners don’t want beer distributors/vendors too close to their facilities…then allow the pubs to set up their own outside bars. The festival ends each day @ 7pm, and from my experience – only us ‘families’ head home. Everyone else we saw stumble from the beer garden - heads straight for the closest watering hole for more of the same.

City of Baltimore, I BEG YOU…treat your festival patrons with the same respect ALL other festivals around the world do - let us wander your streets (albeit barricaded streets) at a leisurely pace, spending our hard earned $$$, all the while enjoying the company of a frothy pint. It’s the European/American way!

(And it sure beats chug-a-lugging while sitting on a dirty street curb)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Battle in...Baltimore?

First let me begin by saying...having to go online to 'demand' a movie be shown in a big city near you is pretty shitty. I certainly had imagined (hoped?) that certain 'artsy' and up-and-coming theaters in the Baltimore area would show the incredible documentary 'Battle in Seattle'.

I don't know what was more powerful __ the movie itself or the message. Both were phenominal! No matter what your opinion(or lack there of) with regards to NAFTA or the WTO,...the fundamental message of this documentary was the deterioration of the First Amendment to The Constitution of the United States and the right of her citizens.

Demand this film be shown in your area too at

Monday, September 22, 2008

Bel Air Festival of the Arts...

It was a warm & sunny September day in the ‘Heart of Harford’ County - a perfect day for an Arts Festival. The crowds were large and the food was good (x-rare pit beef on rye w/ horseradish, mustard & pepper…yummm).

The highlights of the day for me were…

Halikarnas Leathers had the most beautiful hand-tooled & braided leather saddle bags I had ever seen. Elizabeth Hay Designs had very elegant, airy, ethereal, eclectic jewelry made with sterling sliver, fresh water pearls & shells. There was also some of the most breathtaking photographs of Provence, France at Madelaine Gray Photography. Madelaine & her husband travel extensively for their art and told me “It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it”.

Most Unique: fusions ( Glass bottles melted & flattened into wall art or cheese trays! What a way to preserve a special occasion memento.

Eco Favorite: M L Design ( Woman that ‘recycles’ old sweaters and repurposes them into bags/purses/backpacks using every possible part from sleeves to yokes.

Best In Show: Harmony In Design ( Jim & Lia Harmon of Chase make incredibly unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry from recycled forks! Some are antique, some have semi-precious gem stones set within the tines, others have fossilized shark teeth…all are gorgeous! (These were so special that my very frugal daughter spent over $100 on a bangle style bracelet she just couldn’t walk away from and my mother purchased a ring as well. BTW: this was the only money either of them spent all day!)
It was a good day: I met lots of new artists/craftspeeps, learned a thing or two about France and bottle melting, and did I mention the pit beef???

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Buffett Virgin No More...

If you have lived under a rock, as I must have, the past 30+ years and have never attended a Jimmy Buffett concert__you don’t know what you’re missing!

This is something you absolutely must see to believe. The lengths that these ‘Parrot Heads’ will go to all in the name of their Island God…

First let me begin by saying that fans begin to arrive at the venue around 10AM…for an 8PM show!!!

They come fully costumed in their finest island gear and equipped w/ canopies, coolers, grills and lawn chairs, as well as generators (something has to run the margarita blenders, cooling fans, surround-sound-stereos, and fountains/waterfalls for their portable swimming pools!)

I surely don’t want to underestimate the main event of the day – Jimmy Buffett’s performance was incredible! His vast songbook of hits, plus a little Van Morrison & Bob Dylan thrown in for good measure, rounded out the evening quite well.

(Not to mention that he has never looked better – yea, FG has a great big crush on JB!)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

'Bottle Shock'...Low Budget Masterpiece!

‘Bottle Shock’ was awesome! Having never been to Napa (yet!) – this movie took me there, circa 1976. A time when grape ‘farming’ ruled…long before the pretentious wine snobs opened their uber-hyped mega vineyards.

The costuming, sound tract, cinematography, scenery & cast were phenomenal. I don’t know what I liked best. And since it only played in a handful of theaters nationwide__I felt very fortunate to be able to get it to our lovely little Harbor East theater (where only the bar is full!).

I sense an Oscar here…
PS I actually ran straight to my local wine shop & purchased a 2002 Chateau Montelena Cabernet Sauvignon for $100...tell me I am not crazy (um, for this film I mean).

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Reggae Night @ Boordy...

Simply put, the best that Boordy Vineyards offers all summer long. This night brings out the primal in all of us.

There is just something about Reggae that brings people of all walks of life together. From that investment banker in the lavender golf shirt (working hard at getting his wife to engage in a little girl-on-girl play right in the middle of the dance floor/patio) to the long-haired dreadlocks guy wearing a batik print skirt… from the soccer mom-of-four with the perfect cropped and highlighted ‘do’ to the unshaven armpit, no-bra-wearing hippie chick (and I do believe she actually was involved in a threesome by the end of the evening)…we ALL let our inhibitions go and danced side-by-side (sometimes closer) for the remainder of this hot and sultry August evening.

Boordy has done it again…given me another night to remember.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

V-Fest Baby!

Baltimore's premier concert event (since the demise of the HFStival several years back) is finally here...The Virgin Mobile Music Festival 2008 came back to Pimlico Race Track for the 2ND year.

Let me start by saying that the weather was AWESOME, especially for an August weekend in B-More!

This years festival had such an artistic flair (can-do graffiti walls, performance artists, patrons in costumes, art work for sale, etc) with a higher ‘green’ awareness as well (bike & solar powered cell phone charging stations, recycling bins, and more…).

(Note: Due to the nature of this festival, I could not catch every act and had to make some tough choices to see once-in-a-lifetime acts.)

Day 1

I started the first day off at the North Stage where Cat Power was performing. Her hypnotizing rhythms and mesmerizing voice drew quite a crowd.

Duffy was up next. This tiny little British package of 'Blondie meets Charo' closed with her hit ‘Mercy’.

Being that ‘Once’ is one of my favorite films of all time…Swell Season was one of the highlights of my weekend. After telling the camera guy to Fook off” because it was only supposed to be the 2 of them on the stage, this newly famous Dublin/Czech duo blew me away when their time was up and they unplugged their equipment and jumped into the crowd to continue playing for their fans. (And yes, that is Glen’s original broken guitar from the film that he still plays with.)

The Offspring brought me back to the ‘rave’ days…those dudes still got it goin on! One of the highlights of the weekend for sure!

Saw very little of Citizen Cope, but what I saw I liked. So poetic & mellow…

But not now…it was time to see Chuck Berry bitches! Chuck was good but oooo he old! He invited ALL the pretty ladies on stage to dance, literally! Security (and I am sure the insurance risk peeps as well!) was not too happy. Then there was no ‘guitar dance’ along with Johnny B Good…but he did manage a little ‘hop’ as he was exiting the stage that the crowd went crazy over.

We ended the evening of Day 1with the Foo Fighters. This was the second time I saw Dave & the boys and just like before…they never disappoint!

Day 2

Paramore was the first band we would see on the second day. This is a young indie-punk band from Tennessee. The lead singer, Hayley, is only 19 and such a powerful force. Her mega-hit single, Misery Business (aka Brag) was the climax of the performance and what a performance it was. I had forgotten that this was the beginning of the day. The energy screamed ‘final act’ as the crowd was on their feet. Looking forward to seeing much more of their playful lyrics and pounding melodies.

I don’t remember much from Taking Back Sunday, except that their vocal mic was way low and there was way too much bass.

Iggy and the Stooges!!! What can I say, I didn’t even know this dude was still alive! (and even after seeing him, I am still not convinced). Iggy was disgusting, raunchy, loaded, vulgar, foul mouthed, stoned, insulting, physically repulsive …IT WAS WONDERFUL! Part of the entertainment & intrigue of Iggy Pop is that you never know what Iggy will do or say. Such beautiful prose flowed from his lips this day…”my idea of having fun is killing every one of you”, I can see all of you” and “I know where the f--k I am” to “Sh-t, F—k, Sh-t, F—k…”, “up your assholes” and many many more Iggyisms.

STP? For real or is this a dream? No, this would be the first time that Stone Temple Pilots would tour in eight years! (And I must say, it was worth the wait!) Scott looked the best he's looked in a few years and they sounded incredible. This would definitely go way up on my list of Favorite Live Performances of All Time. What a memorable performance. My only complaint would be that they didn't get to play all night!

I must say that the biggest disappointment of the weekend would have to be the one performer I have never seen perform live and the reason I bough these tickets in the first place…Bob Dylan. Now I know Bob is older, and I know he is a genius who has various alter-ego personalities, and I know he is a bit of a recluse… I don’t care. I didn’t want to see ‘Jazzy Cool-Cat Bobby’ at the piano with a stage full of musicians. I wanted to see Bob Dylan, singer, songwriter; a man with a guitar and a harmonica. That’s it. Even the encore performance of 'like a rolling stone' was lost in the sea of instruments. No one loves bob more than me…but I felt slighted.

Nine Inch Nails put on an incredible technical show…A feast for all the senses; sights, sounds, (even the nose, if you know what I mean). Their Closer performance brought out the ‘animal’ in all of us.

The final performance of the weekend would be Kanye West. I know this man is a genius at impromptu, improvisational poetry and rap…but this was a real downer. Knowing the man has been through a lot lately, I will cut him a break. I’m just saying it was a lil too political and soap-boxy for me. But I must admit… Gold Digger was the BOMB!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

NO Spending For A Year! Hmmm...

Although this is not related to festivals…I am totally intrigued by USA Today’s columnist, Craig Wilsons’ pledge to NOT BUY ANYTHING for a year.

I love this concept. I believe in simplicity and I have never been a person who buys ‘things’ just because or to sit around or hang on a wall somewhere__ I have always bought items that I have needed, or loved. Besides the necessities (food, toiletries, shelter, etc), most of what I have purchased that serves no purpose is of sentimental value – small tokens/mementos from trips or events I have been to.

This marks Craig’s second time around at the ‘commitment’. He has got it down to an absolute science. I even enjoy his ‘rules’ for this endeavor: he can spend money on books, music, travel and gifts for others. (I could handle these rules…but being a girl, would buying shampoo and lipstick be allowed or do I have to stock up with a years supply ahead of time???)

I am now contemplating my own year of non-buying to protest my disdain for Americans and our extreme wastefulness, vulgar consumerism and grotesque materialism that borders on obsessive compulsive addiction…but I have to come up with a few rules of my own first.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

"I pulled in to Nazareth..."

Decided to make the short trip from Bethlehem to Nazareth. (Ha ha ...that just sounds hilarious!) We were excited to tour the CF Martin Guitar Museum & Factory. This was so cool! Real factory workers act as tour guides on their days 'off' - and what a tour you get..
...up close & personal (not like some of those factory tours where you are behind bullet proof, soundproof , one-way glass...NO, not here! Here you are right in the mix - with all the sights, sounds, smells - every step along the way. From the choosing & cutting of the exotic woods to the inlay of embellishments and jewels, such as the intricate mother-of-pearl on this $50,000 beauty!

My middle son, being the only musician in the family, was in awe. They even have a 'pickin room' filled with unique models for musicians to try. This is a real treat for of whom, Mike from Connecticut, we met in there and found out that he may be playing on one of the side stages at Bonnaroo 2009 Look for him there...
Not only is the CF Martin tour & museum totally even get a small souvenir at the end. Truly a great afternoon spent.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Decided to take the kids for a few days to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, for their annual Musikfest. This is a great event in a superb location. Celebrating 25 years in 2008, this all-ages, all-genre, family-friendly, laid-back festivity occupies the streets, river banks and bridges of the historic district in downtown Bethlehem (and is probably my favorite free event on the east coast).

There are 14 different stages/venues featuring Jazz, Blues, Folk, Hip-Hop, Funk, Reggae, Celtic, Country, Classical, Rap, Rock...Musikfest has something for everyone. My favorite venue would have to be Leiderplatz, the official 'Acoustic Road Show' stage, sponsored by the nearby CW Martin Guitar Co., and located in a courtyard garden just off Main street behind the historic Sun Inn. We spent the entire afternoon there on Tuesday.
My favorite performer there would have to be this high school student named Callie Merz. Her 'Thousand Milion Chances' was heartfelt, original and raw - in a good way. Although she is quite young, she has been performing for several years, mostly children's theater.

Another great performance was by Tim & Jules . (Check them out at a previous performance here: ). They are an original guitar & bongo duo that had a very soulful, rhythm and blues sound.

Back on the Main Street Stage , Jacknife Betty was MIA, and these guys took their place ...

This being the 25TH Commemorative Anniversary, there was many-a-souvenir for sale. The huge bright green flashing lighted mug that I purchased for $12, was actually the ONLY purchase I made and the bargain of the week! It held over a pint of Yuengling and refills were a mere $5.

This mug came in handy Tuesday evening as we headed to the River Stage to see POISON! Although Brett Michaels & CC DeVille (and the other two?) started back in 1986, my kids – along with the rest of the country- are now fans of theirs after getting to know them via VH1’s Surreal Life & Rock Of Love, of course. Poison rocked the river’s edge for over 2 hours – Unskinny Bop, Mama’s Fallen Angel, Every Rose.., Something to Believe In, Talk Dirty to Me…it was pure big hair heaven! Although Brett’s voice was barely there from the beginning, it was a great show, despite the rain!

The next morning we decided to check out the historic Hotel Bethlehem’s infamous Martin Guitar Suite. The previous nights ‘guests’ (aka famous Poison band member) had checked out very early and the bell hop agreed to let us inside to see the priceless Martin Guitar that hung on the wall for the pickin’ pleasure of it’s guests. But it was gone! Just the holder grip left??? Could it be…? (Someone is gonna have a hefty American Express bill next month.)
Decide to grab breakfast down the street at Bonte Wafflerie & Cafe. Their freshly baked Belgium style waffles w/ giant sugar crystals baked on top were awesome! Reminiscent of those I've had on the streets of Brussels.I will definitely be coming back here again…both for Musikfest 2009 AND these waffles!.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Restaurant Week!

This week is Restaurant Week around Baltimore. Although I enjoy cooking and dining at home (and do so 360+ days per year!), I plan on taking full advantage of the opportunity to try out a few new places for their three-course, prix fixe menus for $30.08. The first place we decided to try was The Wine Market, located in the up & coming hip neighborhood near Federal Hill, known as SoHa (South Harbor) . The first thing we do at a place called The Wine Market, was choose a wine. With the help of the salesguy, and for an additional $9 corking fee, we found the perfect Chilean Malbec, Terra Andina, for $18. Our $30 dinners were incredible! Beginning with my purple Peruvian vichyssoise w/lemon Chantilly and Mr Festival's salmon tartare served w/ homemade salt & vinegar potato crisps...yum! For entrees I had their roasted rockfish served over rice beans, heirloom cherry tomatoes and asparagus tips w/ charred sweet corn emulsion and corn shoots (although, I hate to admit...I didn't notice these?). Mr. Festival chose the grilled sirloin served with a blackberry demiglace, fennel and bacon gratin, as well as paddy pan squash on the side. For dessert I chose the lavender fig bread pudding w/ amaretto cram and toasted almond toffee crumble (more like a nut brittle...again, yum!) and MF (as I sometimes affectionately refer to Mr Festival) decided to try the hazelnut devils food layer cake w/ a Bing cherry mouse. All the fresh, in-season ingredients were wonderfully combined. Every bite was like having a little party in my mouth. This is definitely a place I see myself coming back to...especially when the weather is nicer (there were storms in the area this evening) to dine on their courtyard patio. And since they offer 15% off wines to go...we picked up another bottle of Terra Andina!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Christmas in July!

Last night I decided to pack a picnic and take the boys to Bel Air's Free Outdoor Movies in Shamrock Park. They were showing 'Elf' starring Will Ferrell. (This happens to be one of my favorite holiday 'classics', right up there with Miracle on 34th Street, A Christmas Carrol & Three Days.) It was a beautiful, cool evening (we actually needed the blanket I brought)...perfect for movie watching. The pre-show entertainment was by Dance Connection and the usual sponsors were there - Chick Fil-A & Smoothie King - as well as the Bel Air Downtown Alliance's $1.00 popcorn bags and a few young entrepreneurs selling ice cold bottled water for a dollar...with a BULLHORN! This is by far one of Bel Air's (if not Harford County's) best deals. The entire evening cost me less than $10. (Last week we three went to see The Dark Night at cost me $62.00 for a matinee showing with sodas, popcorn & Twizzlers!) My only complaint/suggestion for The Alliance is: there needs to be a little more variety with the movies - perhaps keep the every-other-Friday schedule with the kiddie features, but offer romantic comedies, documentaries, or foreign/artsy films in between... something free for everyone, every weekend.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The extreme heat was 'No Problem, Mon'.

On Sunday we attended Linganore Winecellars' Reggae Wine Festival at Berrywine Farms. The weekend long event attracts thousands. Their lovely 230 acre estate, with 60 acres of vineyards, is 39 miles from Baltimore & DC, minutes from the tiny historic town of New Market. (There is even a bus service from College Park available.)
This festival offers something for everyone...great jerk chicken from Jamaica Caterers, breads from Breadhead, (the catfish was a favorite with my husband, who had it for the very 1st time), 2 live bands daily (this year Passion Reggae Band & Image Band), as well as vineyard tours and wine tastings. The air-conditioned tasting bar inside the barn was refreshing and I was very impressed with their recycling effort (more local vineyards should take notice).

In spite of the incredible heat (the thermometer in the sun said 120!) and limited shade - I am definitely bringing a portable canopy next year -we all had a great time. Although it was a little too hot for me to dance, it did not stop a large crown from swaying to that reggae beat. My boys were pretty lazy too, playing cards on the quilt in a little shady spot we managed to find - albeit next to the recycling center. I also did a little shopping in the upper loft of the barn: lots of ethnic inspired art, jewelry, clothing, etc.

Afterwards, we paid a quick visit to downtown New Market, although most stores and attractions were closed by 6pm (NOTE TO NEW MARKET BUSINESS OWNERS: STAY OPEN LONGER HOURS THIS would be well worth your time).
Mealey's Restaurant was opened, although after the heat and the wine, my appetite wasn't where it needed to be, so I plan to come back for their seasonal special, Duck Confit Salad. FYI: Mealey's will be opening its 'brand new' old Tavern by summer's end, so be sure to check it out after next year's festival...just be sure to book a room across the street at the Strawberry Inn!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Me & the boys visit Artscape

ARTSCAPE was a scorcher yesterday - very thankful for the misting tents and Jays Shaved Ice, mango flavored - but always well worth it & and inspiring.

One of our favorites was the Art Cars, of course - the mirrored bus & the one with all those singing fish - performing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody...too funny. (Although my friend's fiance's car was MIA?)

My youngest son loved the interactive visual/performing artists at this years newly opened Heartbreak Cafe, near Penn Station on the Charles Street bridge...lots to see & do there. (Here's a tip for all you moms w/ strollers- use the bathroom inside Penn station, much roomier than the port-o-potties.)

The Organic Food Court was a welcomed addition this year, (along with the recycling centers). The kebabs - via The Helmand - were particularly good (although I am not so sure about the basil, spinach & tomato ice cream?). The Blue Moon on tap was a refreshing treat, but that thing they called a Margherita...was bright green sour mix on ice, for $8!

My favorite artist would have to be the dude, CW Roelle from RI, who makes 2 dimensional pieces look 3 dimensional out of rolls of wire ... amazing!

Other artists that caught my eye: Lolojane's sterling jewelry, (she said she'd make me a custom 'peace' piece...I have to get on that). John Kamerer's veggie & herb photography, (I see him at wine festivals & hate to say...I have a little crush on the old hippie). As well as the earthy Hula-Hoop girl w/ the red dreads and all the African, Indian, and 'green' clothing vendors/designers.

The Charm City Devils performed and, as the lead singer said, they really 'rocked the food court'. Roberta Flack went on at 8:30, but I didn't see any of her because I was there to see...
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts- I love Rock-n-Roll, Do Ya Wanna Touch, Crimson & Clover, I Hate Myself for Lovin You - were awesome!!! Joan became famous in the early 70's, as a founding member of The Runaways (Cherry Bomb). They are historically significant for being the very 1st all-girl rock band. Joan turns 50 in September and that chick still rocks a bikini!
(Video of Joan Jett & BH doing Bad Reputation)

Can't wait 'til next year already!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Good Ole Fashioned Cherry Pickin'...

Took the family cherry picking just over the Pennsylvania line at Shaws Orchards. Not exactly a 'festival'...but loads of fun nonetheless. After eating our share raw (Shaws is not an Organic Certified Farm, so please wash thoroughly before consuming), I decided to purchase the 'pitter' they sold there for $20...the best $20 I have spent in a long time! We - the boys loved this little gadget too - pitted about 20 pounds of cherries before freezing some, canning others, and making a giant cherry pie, served after dinner - ala mode, of course.