Sunday, December 14, 2008

To Cut, Or Not To Cut...That Is The Question (at least for most of my friends)

To all my 40+ girlies out there (you know who you are!) contemplating needles & knives to delay the inevitable aging process... DON'T DO IT!!!

I think any man, or woman, would agree that good health (gotta keep strong, energetic, limber) and confidence are far more sexy than having a smooth, non-expressive forehead! (And if he is that shallow__ move on sister!)

Having had 2 of the 3 forms of skin cancer in 1/2 dozen spots (3 of which were on my face!) and one that required major surgery - I am a daily wearer of sunscreen, 365 days a year. Spending my teens, growing up on the water...every sunny day was spent in a bathing suit in the sun. I am paying the price now. You would be surprised how many women I know in their 40's & 50's who still TAN! Some even go to tanning booths with their teenage daughters!

I think having daughters makes this subject of 'fixing' oneself more difficult...and the best thing you can teach them, besides taking good care of their mind & their heath, is self-love and acceptance. If they see us being self-critical, worrying about a few pounds/wrinkles/cellulite/stretch marks/etc...they will grow up with that need to be 'perfect' like mommy. I just believe the power lies with us, our generation of self confident women, to make it OK to have pale skin, tiny lips, a big nose, some smile lines, and a dimpled ass - whatever it is that makes us all unique. (BTW: Take a good look at some women, and a few men, in a certain age bracket from a particullar west coast city,...THEY are all beginning to look the same??? Scary!)

I am usually not one to judge - I just think you all are perfect the way you are. At our age we need to focus on what really matters from the inside out. I won't even mention the health/safety risks, or costs! Spend that $$ on a 2nd honeymoon or hot vacation with your significant other - definitely more sexy!

Don't worry about a few lines, some sagging skin, a little cellulite, and stretch marks... they all tell a tale - of nursing babies and pregnancies, incredible vacations in the tropics, staying up with sick children, worrying about a loved one, and waaay too many late night parties! We worked hard for them.

We should embrace it all and learn to grow old GRACEFULLY.

Well, maybe not gracefully...

(I have earned these lines and I don't plan on erasing them.)