Monday, June 18, 2007

Thank goodness for French Rail Strikes...

Last summer while railing literally 'around' Europe with my daughter, we were unable to make our planned itinerary stop in Barcelona, Spain, due to (we found out later) an all-too-common-in-summer French Rail Strike. We could either rail to the Spanish border and thumb it from there, or ride along in a rental compact with a - albeit generous, but possibly psychopathic - Dutch couple who couldn't speak any English except 'you ride with us, no?'

Well, no. After waiting in the long lines at the Montpelier train station for over an hour, we caught the last 2 seats in the last train to Bordeaux's St. Jean, thanks to a wonderfully kind French woman working at the booth we were directed to. Our lovely hotel, Chateau de Roques, just outside St Emilion,

was fortunately able to put us up for several extra nights prior to our planned visit later that week. To our surprise, we ended up in one of the most picturesque towns in the world, with some of the most incredible wine, during their annual 'La Fete Du Vin'...THE FESTIVAL OF WINE!!! Over 100 of the finest chateau are lined up throughout the medieval-walled town, with free unlimited tastings from late morning until midnight for three long days...whatever would I do?

Do I regret not seeing bet. Would I do it all over again the exact same way...hell yea!