Sunday, May 31, 2009

Blues Baby!

Well, it's official...Harford County had it's 1st ever Blues Festival and the stars were all in line. After about a week of continuous clouds and rain - the weather could not have been better to kick off the festival season.

The crowd turnout was decent but I have a feeling this event will grow exponentially as word gets out. This is what the area NEEDS - fun, family, cultural, outdoor events that bring the community together, all while bringing extra revenue to local businesses.

'Nothing But Trouble' opened the day, but I only caught the tail end of their performance.

'Mikey Jr' (pictured above) was without a doubt - the day's highlight. As far as REAL 'blues' goes...this band takes the cake. Their grainy, smokey, sultry vocals, soulful guitar licks, and that harmonica!!! I could have listened to them all day.

'Crushing Day' (pictured at the very top) played their usual continuous-cover-medley of 70's, 80's, & 90's hits, which is always a crowd pleaser...and although the lead singer's mic was way off, no one in the crowd seemed to care (or even notice!).

There were also these adorable idea who/what/where as they seemed to appear then disappear from the stage??? (Of course it very well could have been the 3 beers + the allergy meds that made the event a little foggy from the start.)

The Harford County Rock & Blues Fest is sure to be even bigger & better next year - did someone say 2 Day Event? I sure hope so...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rain Rain (don't) Go Away...

Well there is one payoff to having all this rainfall the past few veggie garden (potager) is doing incredible!

The blueberries look promising (I can almost taste that blueberry pie!)......and the broccoli, peppers, squash, aubergines, string beans, and tomatoes are really taking off. The melons did not fare so well...I believe that the soil temperature was still a wee bit too cold and I was a wee bit too eager after those 90+ temperatures back in April; we will see if they can make it through.

Oh yea, the arugula is, well... yummy!