Sunday, August 10, 2008

NO Spending For A Year! Hmmm...

Although this is not related to festivals…I am totally intrigued by USA Today’s columnist, Craig Wilsons’ pledge to NOT BUY ANYTHING for a year.

I love this concept. I believe in simplicity and I have never been a person who buys ‘things’ just because or to sit around or hang on a wall somewhere__ I have always bought items that I have needed, or loved. Besides the necessities (food, toiletries, shelter, etc), most of what I have purchased that serves no purpose is of sentimental value – small tokens/mementos from trips or events I have been to.

This marks Craig’s second time around at the ‘commitment’. He has got it down to an absolute science. I even enjoy his ‘rules’ for this endeavor: he can spend money on books, music, travel and gifts for others. (I could handle these rules…but being a girl, would buying shampoo and lipstick be allowed or do I have to stock up with a years supply ahead of time???)

I am now contemplating my own year of non-buying to protest my disdain for Americans and our extreme wastefulness, vulgar consumerism and grotesque materialism that borders on obsessive compulsive addiction…but I have to come up with a few rules of my own first.

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