Friday, July 18, 2008

Me & the boys visit Artscape

ARTSCAPE was a scorcher yesterday - very thankful for the misting tents and Jays Shaved Ice, mango flavored - but always well worth it & and inspiring.

One of our favorites was the Art Cars, of course - the mirrored bus & the one with all those singing fish - performing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody...too funny. (Although my friend's fiance's car was MIA?)

My youngest son loved the interactive visual/performing artists at this years newly opened Heartbreak Cafe, near Penn Station on the Charles Street bridge...lots to see & do there. (Here's a tip for all you moms w/ strollers- use the bathroom inside Penn station, much roomier than the port-o-potties.)

The Organic Food Court was a welcomed addition this year, (along with the recycling centers). The kebabs - via The Helmand - were particularly good (although I am not so sure about the basil, spinach & tomato ice cream?). The Blue Moon on tap was a refreshing treat, but that thing they called a Margherita...was bright green sour mix on ice, for $8!

My favorite artist would have to be the dude, CW Roelle from RI, who makes 2 dimensional pieces look 3 dimensional out of rolls of wire ... amazing!

Other artists that caught my eye: Lolojane's sterling jewelry, (she said she'd make me a custom 'peace' piece...I have to get on that). John Kamerer's veggie & herb photography, (I see him at wine festivals & hate to say...I have a little crush on the old hippie). As well as the earthy Hula-Hoop girl w/ the red dreads and all the African, Indian, and 'green' clothing vendors/designers.

The Charm City Devils performed and, as the lead singer said, they really 'rocked the food court'. Roberta Flack went on at 8:30, but I didn't see any of her because I was there to see...
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts- I love Rock-n-Roll, Do Ya Wanna Touch, Crimson & Clover, I Hate Myself for Lovin You - were awesome!!! Joan became famous in the early 70's, as a founding member of The Runaways (Cherry Bomb). They are historically significant for being the very 1st all-girl rock band. Joan turns 50 in September and that chick still rocks a bikini!
(Video of Joan Jett & BH doing Bad Reputation)

Can't wait 'til next year already!

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