Monday, September 22, 2008

Bel Air Festival of the Arts...

It was a warm & sunny September day in the ‘Heart of Harford’ County - a perfect day for an Arts Festival. The crowds were large and the food was good (x-rare pit beef on rye w/ horseradish, mustard & pepper…yummm).

The highlights of the day for me were…

Halikarnas Leathers had the most beautiful hand-tooled & braided leather saddle bags I had ever seen. Elizabeth Hay Designs had very elegant, airy, ethereal, eclectic jewelry made with sterling sliver, fresh water pearls & shells. There was also some of the most breathtaking photographs of Provence, France at Madelaine Gray Photography. Madelaine & her husband travel extensively for their art and told me “It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it”.

Most Unique: fusions ( Glass bottles melted & flattened into wall art or cheese trays! What a way to preserve a special occasion memento.

Eco Favorite: M L Design ( Woman that ‘recycles’ old sweaters and repurposes them into bags/purses/backpacks using every possible part from sleeves to yokes.

Best In Show: Harmony In Design ( Jim & Lia Harmon of Chase make incredibly unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry from recycled forks! Some are antique, some have semi-precious gem stones set within the tines, others have fossilized shark teeth…all are gorgeous! (These were so special that my very frugal daughter spent over $100 on a bangle style bracelet she just couldn’t walk away from and my mother purchased a ring as well. BTW: this was the only money either of them spent all day!)
It was a good day: I met lots of new artists/craftspeeps, learned a thing or two about France and bottle melting, and did I mention the pit beef???

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