Thursday, July 9, 2009

Corn & Values Are Here...

There is just something to be said for living where I do. I mean, growing up in the big city had its perks and I do love the charm and closeness of a small town…but rural ain’t so bad after all.

Just yesterday I pulled up to our local farm stand after seeing their ‘sweet corn’ sign for the first time this summer to pick up a dozen or so for that evening’s meal – when no one is around, just a metal box on the table that says ‘please pay here’, a price list on the shed above, and a trailer filled with ears of fresh corn. Yes, you guessed it – the Honor System still abides here in rural Harford County. How great is that? Even in this tough economic climate…old fashioned trust and wholesome values prevail.
BTW: the corn was pretty awesome too!

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