Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gardening Up-date.

Summer trudges on...

All this 'fun in the sun' forces my gardening up-keep to take a back seat - and it shows!

The weeds are starting to overtake all aspects of the yard/gardens and the current lack of funds (due to my premature involuntary retirement) is preventing me from completing the projects that are so needed - new maintenance-free self-seeding Black Eyed Susan driveway border, woodland hedgerow of azalea, rhodos, mountain laurel and bulbs (where the leaf droppage prevents anything else form growing) inside my hand-laid brick edge, not to mention re-planting of the melons - which should have been done weeks ago.

Now for some good news; in spite of my garden's lack of sunshine (2-4 hours/day MAX!) and the memorable cool, wet spring...the blueberries are almost ready (I sure hope I get to them before the squirrels & birds do - I see them hanging around - waiting. watching. salivating.), there are also some baby eggplants taking shape and tons of very green tomatoes.

Patience, I know. If there is anything gardening has taught me, it's patience. This is not an instant gratification activity by any means.

But when it's harvest time...there is no better reward!


  1. Hi Kelley, I enjoyed your garden update and can relate to the garden duties taking a back seat (I feel less guilty now after reading your words!) My tomato plants are drying up and weeds, as you mention, are taking over. (I sometimes forget to water, too...)

    Here's to finding a balanced life, slowing down and savoring the joyful rewards.

    PS the dishes, above, and the peas (which I'd planted those!) look so tastey. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks Kristin...nothing tastes better than a home-grown lunch. The fried goat cheese over arugula w/ dried cranberries and pine nuts is one of my daughter's favorites she picked up while living in Ireland. (She moves back for grad-school at the end of summer - so I now have a great excuse to travel back to Europe... yaaaa!)

    Enjoy the rest of your summer...