Sunday, July 12, 2009

North Central Railroad Trail...Where Have You Been All My Life?

I, like many Baltimore/Harford Countians, have driven by the cute little Chakra Bikes /Hunt Valley Village sign on Paper Mill Road that marks the spot where the NCR Trail begins and meanders for FORTY MILES to York, PA. I to have said numerous times that I wanted to try biking that route one day...soon.

Well, that day never came...until today.

We, nine family members & friends, started at about 945am at the Paper Mill/Ashland entrance to the trail and off we went. The weather was gorgeous - like mostly sunny & 82...BUT the bikes, which were borrowed - they were another story: mine was waaaayy too short, my daughter's wouldn't get out of first gear so she was peddling her heart out and going nowhere, my middle son's bike was way too tall, my youngest son's tires were dry-rot, our summer vet-med students seat was a little too uncomfortable, and my best friend's daughter's chain kept popping...crazy!

Despite the problems, we made it to the Monkton store around the 8 mile mark and had a little one-hour picnic. (btw that store is fantastic - all organic, including the incredible ice cream! ) We then had to venture back the 8 miles we came from...which actually went a wee bit faster, even after a huge double-digit-point-buck (in velvet!) casually strolled across the path less than three feet in front of my best friend and I - who were so engaged in a conversation that we almost ran smack into the deer.

This was such an inspiring day that we vowed to get our own bikes and made a goal to travel the entire length of the trail. No commitment date set - I will keep you posted...

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