Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Secret No More...

Just a short ride east on Route 543 (past the commercial favorites of Cold Stone and DQ) lies one of the greatest summer pleasures in Harford County…Brooms Bloom Dairy Farm Store& CafĂ©. You would be surprised how many people I know that live in Harford County but have never even heard of this place – which leads me to my hesitation of ever writing about it in the first place.

Sometimes, when it is something you enjoy so much, you realize that it IS so great because of its obscurity; its complete local flair and small-town charm. When these things finally do become SO popular that you find yourself dreading the hassle it sometimes takes to get there (take Boordy Vineyards, for example – which I do still love and frequent and will obviously continue to write about – BUT Boordy has definitely changed since it’s ‘free picnic’ days). You want to keep such a treasure a secret to protect its charm, its simplicity, its magic – I mean, the line @ BBD on a summer Saturday or Sunday evening is out the door as it is – do I really want to blow its somewhat elusive cover???

Well, I have decided to share my affection for this place despite my previous selfish agenda…

In addition to the incredible ice cream (and the numerous ever-changing flavors to choose from), they offer a great lunch/ lite-fare dinner menu as well. There are individual choices starting at $2.75 and two, three or four-course ‘prix fixe’ meals that include some combination of quiche, salad, yogurt, sandwich, fruit, soup, cheese, nuts, wrap, etc…and ALL include a small ice cream for $6-$11. The food is fresh, healthy, entirely local and, oh yea…delicious!

Even though the farm store/barn is open year-round every day except Mondays, summer is the best time to experience Brooms Bloom at its finest…sitting outside on the covered deck or sunny lawn, in a rocking or Adirondack chair, or perhaps with the whole family at one of their huge picnic tables all while taking in the gorgeous rural views of the countryside - this is THE greatest way to do so.

And if you’re lucky, they may even have live outdoor music on the deck to enhance your experience…

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