Monday, June 22, 2009

Assateague Island

As always when we go to the beach, we venture over to Assateague Island where we get our fix of 'roughing it' in the wild with their very limited facilities. It just so happened that this past weekend was one of 3 FREE SUMMER WEEKENDS they are offering this year (6/20-21, 7/18-19, 8/15-16). Yea!!!

We typically pack a cooler full of food to grill, plenty of 'beverages', a change of clothes (we always wear our bathing suits), surf boards/boogie boards, all our bikes and a guitar into the back of a pick-up truck - and we're off!

There is so much to do here...besides the obvious driving through the State Park and looking for the infamous wild ponies that reside here; we build a fire or grill, swim, surf, fish, crab, clam, kayak/canoe (which are both rented here by the hour), bike ride, etc... unlike at the other Maryland beach where there are so many no-no's.

We have yet to stay through the night here and keep saying we want to... I tent camped as a child and want my children to experience that wonderful world of self-reliance and self-efficiency...BUT by the time the sun sets and those mosquitoes are in full swing - we usually can't wait to shower and get the hell off this island.

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