Friday, June 12, 2009

I ♥ Summer!

On the very last day of school, I usually like to treat my children to a movie of their choice…I have done this for many years, as my oldest is now entering graduate school. (Ugh, I just heard myself say that.) I really lucked out today as it just so happens to be the first Free Outdoor Movies @ Shamrock Park this evening.

What a great way to spend an evening…we got there around 7pm and since we are not the fortunate few who live within walking distance – we had to search for parking? Not sure if it was the great weather, the last day of school, or the ‘Kung Fu Panda’ film itself…but there was NO parking left along Lee Way where I usually have no trouble getting a spot for these.

This just goes to prove my point – America is changing. People are craving connections in their communities, especially in trying economic times like these. The lonely, empty, activity-starved subdivisions and McMansions are no longer the ultimate prize for success– people now want more. They want to live and raise their children in areas that are vibrant, active and they value activities such as this. Thanks to Bel Air’s Downtown Alliance for organizing this and other events…it really is a treat, even for us non-Bel Air residents.

Like us, most people arrived by 7 and for about 2 ½ hours they entertained their children…there was the playground of course, the volleyball court/sand box, Chick Fil-A & Smoothie King dinners (unless they brought carryout pizza – which seemed to be very popular and I must admit smelled much better than my packed peanut butter & jelly sandwiches). There was also the scheduled entertainment, Tae Kwon Do Masters, as well as a woman in the crowd doing free face painting?

By the time ‘Kung Fu Panda’ started and everyone had their $1 cup of popcorn, the littlest ones were either asleep on their blankets or screaming in their strollers… those poor parents had to pack everything up and leave without even seeing the movie - so much for summer fun.

Well, at least it was free and there is always next time…

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