Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hopkins Spring Fair!

At the last minute on the very last day of the Johns Hopkins Spring Fair, I decided to make the trek down to the world reknowned Homewood Campus. Hopkins has always held a place in my heart - my mom worked in the Biochemistry Department of the JHU School of Medicine for 35+ years - so it always feels like going home for me.

Of course it had to be the one weekend in April where the temperature soared into the upper 90's! If that wasn't bad enough, the beer garden's entire keg supply was NOT in trucks (or even iced!) and was nothing but warm foam...this really put a damper on my day.

As I always do, I gravitate toward the student-artisits' incredible mix of creativity and genius on every level. From an Asian student that hand carves wooden frogs that make a real frog sound when the tiny stick provided is rubbed on it's back to a Jewish painter whose visits to Jerusalem's Wailing Wall inspired his latest emotional works to a self-proclaimed hippie-chick's laptop protectors/purses made from recycled coffee bags... ( ) ...pure genius!

The artwork, crafts, clothing, jewelry and food reflects this very diverse, multicultural utopia in the middle of Baltimore truly is a treasure.

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